So here’s what gets me about Spider-man 2…

They invented the robot octopus arms as an AFTERTHOUGHT! Like they were trying to think of how to possibly create a perpetual energy sun or whatever right?! And that took all the science and thoughts to put together but at one point they were like Well how do we control it and it’s fluxes?!
Ah just make some robot arms.
Well they’ll require FAR more prescion then normal robot arms.
Ju-just fucking SCREW into my spine, I don’t fucking now man C’MON!! GET WITH IT!!!

So they show off these arms which seem like they’d be AN AMAZING INVENTION IN THEIR OWN RIGHT THAT YOU COULD TOTALLY MARKET AND SELL, and nobody is blown away or cares?! The lady asks some STUPID question about how to make sure the arms don’t control his brain? WHAT?!?!? How is that possible?! Arms don’t have brains, and why would you think to ask that lady?! WHY WOULD YOU THINK TO ASK THAT?!??! Think of all the potential uses of those robot arms! Helping disabled people, construction work, police force with robot arms!!! Meanwhile no, let’s focus on the super murder sun that will probably kill us and cost more then the awesome fucking robot arms to make! Whatever, oh look it fucking broke!! OH LOOK IT MADE MY ARMS CONTROL ME!! GUESS I’MMA GO ON A MURDER SPREE!! Wish I had focused on making these arms available to mass market so I wouldn’t have gotten lazy and for some reason programmed evil into them! AH WELLL!!!!!